by on May 26, 2022

Sadly I will not be able to order anything for a while. Shipping cost has

drastically increased for my country and on top of that, Chinese tried to

scam me last time by providing fake weight and dimensions of the package

to charge even more for shipping.

If you have a brain (you don't have one) then figure out whatcha said. "im

not buying nikes for 80 bucks I'll buy a shitty noname shoe for 30 that lasts

a couple of months" like hell yeah don't buy that power tool or whatever

you use in farming for 2000 bucks instead ill buy the cheapest one I can

find on wish because That's the best. That's what you said

The difference between Hype Beast AKA Resellers/buyers. They would spend

all they money on these Damn shoes Or overly charge You just to say they

have em and would try to make others that actually don't Care for the Hype

feel bad or ashamed for wearing Reps: If You truly a
Head and these UA's have identical quality to the Retail trust you'll definitely wear

them because You jus love the Shoes and they are not a Horrible Batch ????????‍♂ Who would

know the difference by looking down at your feet ????????‍♂

What's good Tayib? I really appreciate your Blog. It's pretty easy for me to tell what's

real and fake. I'd be really interested in speaking with you via email about your skill

set and some of the other methods of identifying counterfeit sneakers when the fake is

much better than what's shown. I really dig your positivity and I'm gonna say this to

you: Don't even address the haters. Your journey is helpful and useful to others. You're

providing a service and anyone hating just isn't taking the time to see your perspective.

I know they will eventually though. Get at me if you've got some time to speak.
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