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Communication Privacy
Communications may be received by Heaven and Earth and may be used for practical and pertinent purposes

GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Ads may use personal data such as previously visited sites, and we have done our best to provide compliance with existing laws and consent options. This is for the advertisements that may appear on your page.

Religious Entity Protections and Freedom
We do our best to respect religion and claim religious protections to practice and worship ourselves. We are bound by the constitution but can not promise we have the authority ourselves for the promise of confession without consequences. There may be consequences with God and the Church, or Churches, also.

Known Issues
We are aware of the communication problems and problems with statistics counting and lack of ability to earn money online (poverty). In terms, we are regarded as White Web which implies an internet under God. This means that there are reasons behind these things and that everything is something.

Notice of Clarity
The existence of this site, and all the terms on this site you see have been disclosed to official law enforcement.

Thank you,
​Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy