Community Standards and Violations of Law
Community standards violations include: perpetuation of adultery or propaganda; irrationally directed hate, anger, or persecution; and adult content. Violations of law can be reported directly to law enforcement. Things like indecent exposure online and gambling - as well as drug promotion or use - can be regarded as illegal. These things are all a violation of the Terms of Use.

Community Standards and Free Speech
We have a responsibility in regards to indecent exposure, gambling, and other things to possibly remove content like this from our platform. We try to maintain standards for everyone. Generally content is removed if it is illegal or spam, or it is removed if there is risk. Spam could be removed also.

Removal and Action
We try to remove content when the problem has been resolved so it does reflect that something did happen.

Freedom of Speech, Press, and Right to Assemble
We continue to work on the first amendment. We are under a wave of internet interference professing violations of free speech and right to assemble. We have to follow the existing law is what we know. So we are following the existing law. User content removal requests are a gray area of interference. We do not have an objection to you removing your own content at will.

User Content Disclosure and Responsibility To Others
May contain real world information. Users are responsible for what they upload to the internet. Processes may differ in resolving issues other than you might expect. We try to resolve the actual issue. We are called to Religiously. We apologize for any inappropriate content you might see. They are not allowed to upload inappropriate content.

Government Partners
Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy is an FBI Partner. This platform is a product of Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy. Please bear with us as we continue to integrate.

Religious Organization
Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy and it's foundations and products were formed under God. We are a religious organization that partners with the government. You are free to practice your Religion. In God We Trust.

Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy is a religious non-profit organization approved for operation in the United States of America. Porkshop is a product of Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy.