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Community Standards and Violations of Law
Community standards violations include: perpetuation of adultery or propaganda; irrationally directed hate, anger, or persecution; and adult content. Violations of law can be reported directly to law enforcement.

Guidelines for Non-Profit and Religious Organizations Assisting Law Enforcement
Basically, we recommend you take on your work as a citizen. You do not compile the paperwork that is used in a case. You do not approach suspects. You do not conduct investigations yourself. Simply, this is the job of official law enforcement. We hope that helps.

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​Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy

Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy is a religious non-profit organization approved for operation in the United States of America. The bulk of its work is in assisting law enforcement as a religious private sector resource and government partner. Porkshop is a product of Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy. For more on Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy please visit their website at