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Community Standards and Violations of Law
Community standards violations include: perpetuation of adultery or propaganda; irrationally directed hate, anger, or persecution; and adult content. Violations of law can be reported directly to law enforcement.

Differences in Resolution Process Disclosure
Processes for resolution of community standards violations and violations of law may differ than expected. These differences may include anything from respecting freedom of speech to due process to determining our own personal shortcomings. They can also include current technology-smart practices such as seizing a device or computer.

We Claim Right to Assemble, Practice, and Worship
Our right shall not be degraded, attacked, or eroded for men, women, and children alike.

Integrated Communication and "DHS Recoverable" Communication
These terms are used to describe the method by which our communications are retrieved. They are to describe by Heaven and Earth respectively.

Note on Obscene Material and Child Abuse Material Reporting to a Non-Profit Organization
We recommend you only send the location in text format such as a web address or physical address. It is not possible that you can send an image or video on our tip-lines. We do not review or receive our reports. If we did, we would just forward your text.

Guidelines for Non-Profit and Religious Organizations Assisting Law Enforcement
Basically, we recommend you take on your work as a citizen. You do not compile the paperwork that is used in a case. You do not approach suspects. You do not conduct investigations yourself. Simply, this is the job of official law enforcement. We hope that helps.

Additional Information
We do not claim responsibility for the actions of others and the activity of others. This may include things like investigations or operations of official law enforcement or other personnel. It may also include the actions of private individuals or a private individual.

International Desktop and Mobile App Setup
For international users, a Google browser with Google Translate is recommended. On your device select "ADD TO HOME SCREEN" to add a mobile app with translation. The United States of America is where we are located, and English is the default language.

Thank you,
​Foundation for a Humanitarian Based Economy